Last Minute Game Day Recipes… and Food Fanatic!

Game day is finally here! Are you ready?

This year’s Super Bowl party will be a bit different at my house… In fact, calling it a “party” is a bit of a stretch.  You see, while we are huge Ravens fans and are very excited about the game, there is another big event to consider… Bedtime! While partying sounds like fun, I don’t want it to interfere with our bedtime routine, so we’ll be enjoying the game from home and cheering on the Ravens very quietly (but still passionately!) after the baby goes to bed.

Of course, party or not, there will be snacks. It’s not Super Bowl Sunday without some tasty food to snack on… I think that goes for the non-football fans, too.  In fact, if you’re not a football fan, then the food is probably far more exciting to you than the game! 

So, today I’m sharing a new recipe over at Food Fanatic (it’s a new site that is certainly worth a look!) that can help you pull off a last minute Super Bowl party (or non-party, in my case)… You can turn your leftovers in the fridge into a party-worthy dish with this simple Enchilada Sauce. Your party guests (or picky eaters… not that there are any of those in your house) will never need to know that they’re eating leftovers!

Enchiladas are awesome, but you might be looking for a bit more to complete your game day party… Here are a few other simple recipes that you can certainly pull off at the last minute!

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