Sports Theme Cookie Cake

As many of you know, over the weekend, I made a birthday cake for our friends’ two year old son.  They recently moved into a new house and decorated his room with a sports theme, so we decided to use that same theme for the cake. A lot of you mentioned that you wanted to see pictures, so I thought I’d share a few with you here!

As we were talking about what kind of cake to make for the birthday party, I thought it would be fun to incorporate some cookie decorating.  I can use the practice! So, I made a double batch of vanilla bean sugar cookies so that there would be extras to serve at the birthday party and to send home with the guests as party favors.

I found some cute sports cookie cutters and made jerseys, penants, baseballs, footballs, and stars.  I used lollipop sticks to make cookie pops to decorate the top of the cake. I was really happy with how they turned out!

Since I am making my brother’s wedding cake in December, I wanted some practice with making a tiered cake (even if it was just a small one), so I decided to make a 9-inch tier and a 6-inch tier.  I made a yellow cake with vanilla buttercream icing, and it held up pretty well. The buttercream was perfect for attaching the cookies to the cake.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the cake turned out (although, you will notice that I need to work on my technique for smoothing the buttercream).  It was a big hit at the birthday party, and I think everyone enjoyed it, which is the best measure of success that I can think of!

If you’re interested in seeing some more pictures, check out my Sports Cookie Cake set on Flickr!

JenSchall's Sports Cookie Cake photoset JenSchall’s Sports Cookie Cake photoset

20 Responses to Sports Theme Cookie Cake

  1. Reeni says:

    You have mad baking and decorating skills! The cookie pops are a nice touch. I bet the birthday boy loved it!

  2. Jen! It’s incredible! You are so brave….I’ve always wanted to try a cookie cake, but I’ve been too scared. You rocked it!

  3. You did great Jen, it looks fantastic! I know if I would have taken on that challenge mine wouldn’t have come out half as nice. :)

  4. What a really fun idea for a sports themed cake! Amazing job :)

  5. jenn says:

    Aww… awesome job on the cake. You gotta open up your own shop. You did great on decorating. Now I want some of those cookies. hehehe… :)

  6. That is amazing!! Girl, you are SO talented!!!

  7. Sara says:

    Jen, those sports theme cookie cake is sooo cute! If I was merely as good of a baker as you…I would attempt to make the cake for my 2 yr old nephew’s birthday. But unfortunately I suck at baking! :( lol

  8. Sarah says:

    so cute! I think I will adapt this idea… only for my little girl (no boys yet)

  9. Lauryn says:

    SOOOO cute! I love how this cake turned out!!!! I know you did this for a 2 yr old, but I may make something similar for my boyfriend’s upcoming 30th bday!! :)

  10. Kara says:

    Cake looks incredible! What a lucky little boy. :)

  11. These are adorable!!!!! I made these years ago for sports teams in college and everyone loved them!

  12. Meleroo says:

    AWESOME. And for “practice,” your tiers sure came out flawless.

    Mel at

  13. A very cool cake! Awesome decorations!

  14. megan says:

    I love the cake!!! It’s perfect and I bet that little boy’s eyes grew huge when he saw it. I’m think those star cookies on a stick would be perfect for 4th of July. :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Fuji Mama says:

    AWESOME cake! Seriously phenomenal job!!

  16. ThatsSoYummy says:

    Jen, I love it! this is too adorable! GREAT JOB!


  17. Oooh – what an inspired cake. It’s my birthday next week, you know, feel free to whip something up! LOL! Your friends are lucky to have you!

  18. Eliana says:

    So precious. You are incredibly talented.

  19. Katy L. says:

    Very cute! I’m a baking/decorating fanatic too. Do you happen to remember where you found the sports-themed cookie cutters? I’m specifically looking for a football one. Thanks!

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