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Chickpea Curry

Winter can be a tough time to cook… It’s particularly tough if you are someone who likes to cook with a lot of fresh and local produce.  I rely pretty heavily on our CSA and the local farmer’s market from April to December… But, once January rolls around, I’m on my own. I like comfort… Continue Reading

Smoky Chipotle Roasted Chickpeas

It’s taken me a while, but I have finally jumped on the bandwagon… The roasted chickpea bandwagon, that is. I’m sure you’ve seen them in magazines, on blogs, and in healthy cookbooks. They’re all the rage right now. After seeing them everywhere, I finally decided to give them a try last fall.  Unfortunately, the recipes… Continue Reading

Blood Orange Vinaigrette

Let’s talk about salad, shall we? It seems that when January rolls around, everyone starts eating salads again. Sure, I understand that a lot of people are making resolutions and turming over a new leaf in the new year, but as someone who is not a big fan of salads, it’s always a struggle for… Continue Reading