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Last Minute Game Day Recipes… and Food Fanatic!

Game day is finally here! Are you ready?

This year’s Super Bowl party will be a bit different at my house… In fact, calling it a “party” is a bit of a stretch.  You see, while we are huge Ravens fans and are very excited about the game, there is another big event to consider… Bedtime! While partying sounds like fun, I don’t want it to interfere with our bedtime routine, so we’ll be enjoying the game from home and cheering on the Ravens very quietly (but still passionately!) after the baby goes to bed.

Of course, party or not, there will be snacks. It’s not Super Bowl Sunday without some tasty food to snack on… I think that goes for the non-football fans, too.  In fact, if you’re not a football fan, then the food is probably far more exciting to you than the game!  Continue Reading

Friday Favorites – Surprise Baby Shower

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from my Friday Favorites lately… My regular Friday Favorites will return later this fall (post-baby!). But, lately I just haven’t had the time and energy to get through my RSS reader each week. I suppose being close to 9 months pregnant is a good excuse, but I do really miss reading everyone’s posts each week.

This week, however, I had to put together a quick post to say thank you to all of the amazing bloggers who pulled together to throw me a surprise virtual baby shower yesterday. I am so lucky to have so many great friends out there, and I was certainly reminded of that fact as I read through everyone’s blog posts!

My day yesterday started pretty normally… Yellowdog decided to throw a tantrum about 30 minutes before the alarm was going to go off because she wanted attention… And breakfast.  Yes, having a yellow lab is good preparation for having a baby in the house.  So, when we couldn’t ignore the whining any longer, the hubby and I pulled ourselves out of bed, got the doggy her breakfast, and then took her for her morning walk. I had left my phone on the dining room table when we left for our walk, so I picked it up to double check to make sure I didn’t have any missed calls or text messages when I got home. That’s when I saw all of the tweets.

I scrolled through all of the notifications on my phone and finally realized what was going on… There was a virtual baby shower… For me! I was floored. I wasn’t expecting it at all, and I couldn’t believe how many people had taken the time to write a blog post to celebrate the little baby that will be here soon. I started to tear up a bit, and immediately ran (ok, waddled…) to turn on my computer so that I could read through everything on a regular-sized screen.

As I went through all of the posts, more and more tears came… I was blown away by all of the sweet words, well wishes, and fabulous recipes. I have always loved the way the food blogging community is so tightly knit, and, much to my surprise, I was suddenly the one on the receiving end of all of the love. I spent the morning reading everyone’s posts and trying to find the words to appropriately describe how I felt.  I never quite found the words, and I still haven’t.

The best I can do is to extend my heartfelt thanks for everyone’s love and support. I never expected that my little food blog would lead to all of this, and I am blessed to have so many great friends as a result.  So, today I wanted to pass along the links to all of the blog posts that were a part of the virtual shower. I hope that you will help me in extending my thanks… Plus, there are a lot of great recipes that you won’t want to miss!

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Bellalimento | Frozen Berry Shortcake
Shugary Sweets | Caramel Apple Truffles
GoodLife Eats | Coconut Lemon Banana Bread

Baked Beans

My husband loves baked beans. I do not. Somehow, we have survived almost 7 years of marriage in spite of this disagreement. They say opposites attract, right?

I recently found out, however, that our difference of opinion on the subject of baked beans was taking a bit of a toll on my hubby. You see, since I don’t particularly care for baked beans, I never make them. Once I attempted to make them for him (a few years ago), but I was opposed to adding ketchup. I tried to substitute tomato paste (which, for those of you who are wondering, is not the same… not at all). I also cut a few corners. We ended up with chewy, tomato pasty, burnt baked beans. He wasn’t impressed.

The subject of baked beans came up again a few weeks ago at Easter dinner at my parents’ house. Somehow, my hubby and my dad started discussing the foods that they love but rarely get to eat. And, of course, baked beans were at the top of the list. My mom, who quickly ran to the pantry, found a can of baked beans and added them to our Easter basket so my hubby didn’t have to “suffer” without his baked beans. I felt bad, and promised to learn to make them.

About a week later, I attempted my first batch of baked beans… With ketchup. I made them in my slow cooker, but I underestimated how long it would take for the beans to cook. The beans were also somewhat watery, even though the flavor was pretty good.  My hubby ate them… And they were better than my first attempt, but they still weren’t good.

So, last weekend, when we were having a picnic at our house, I decided I would make one more attempt at baked beans. This time, I was smart enough to make sure the beans were cooked and tender before I added them to the slow cooker. It was a success. Even my hubby approved.  They passed his baked beans test.

I can’t promise that these are the best baked beans you’ll ever taste.  But, they made my hubby happy. And, that’s what marriage is all about, right? Continue Reading

Pumpkin, Peanut Butter, and Bacon Dog Biscuits

It’s been a while since my sous chef shared a recipe.  She represents one third of the My Kitchen Addiction family (and sometimes it seems like more!), but she doesn’t get the representation she deserves here on the site.  Granted, you’d probably get sick of reading about the all-natural sweet potato and trout dog food that she eats just about every day for breakfast and dinner… She thinks it’s delicious, though, I must warn you that it leads to very fishing smelling doggy breath (fondly called “trout snout” at my house).

Even though Yellowdog’s weekly menu might not make for a thrilling blog post, I did think it was time that she share another recipe for homemade doggy biscuits. Originally, I planned to let her write this blog post and share the recipe herself. However, when it came time to actually make the biscuits, she was nowhere to be found. Most days I can barely get a package of bacon out of the fridge before she is sitting at my feet begging for a taste.  But, when I made these dog biscuits, she was upstairs in my hubby’s office sleeping while the bacon was sizzling away. So, since she was not actually part of the baking process, I decided to revoke her writing privileges.  That’s what she gets for sleeping on the job!

Yellowdog and I have been wanting to try making some doggy treats with bacon in them for a while.  She is a fan of bacon, after all.  Since I have my freezer stocked with more pumpkin puree than I will ever need, I decided to make a bacon-flavored variety of her favorite pumpkin (or squash) and peanut butter treats. To make sure that the treats were safe for her sensitive tummy, I used some gluten-free flours that I had on hand from doing some gluten-free baking a while ago.  We’re not 100% sure whether or not wheat and gluten are the source of her tummy troubles, but I try to avoid them as much as possible when making her treats.  Of course, if your doggy is OK with those ingredients, feel free to substitute regular all purpose flour. Continue Reading

Kitchen Bootcamp Roundup – Potatoes

This month’s Kitchen Bootcamp challenge was to make a dish using the humble potato. While it may not be difficult to come up with something to make that utilizes potatoes, I hoped that the challenge would inspire some creativity.  And, it did! I was thrilled with the recipes that everyone came up with, and I look forward to trying all of them myself! Continue Reading