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Friday Favorites – Thanksgiving Guide (Episode 73)


I have hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house for the past couple years. This time around, I have the year off. Yellowdog (our yellow lab, in case you were wondering) has to remain “calm” and is not allowed to play with kids, other dogs, and relatives for the next few months until she has fully recovered from her knee surgery. So, that pretty much means that there will be no big get togethers at my house for a few months, either.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be cooking, though! I plan to make a side dish or two, and of course I’ll be taking some sort of dessert. I will also be traveling with my handy dandy meat thermometer, which I believe is the key to a perfect Thanksgiving turkey. Whether it’s my kitchen or my mom’s, there’s no better place to be on Thanksgiving day!

Friday Favorites – Episode 72


Things have been a bit crazy around here lately. Since her knee surgery last week, our doggy has needed lots of extra attention.  She’s not allowed to go up and down stairs, has to avoid all slippery surfaces (easier said than done since we have hardwood floors), and must wear one of those Elizabethan “cone” collars whenever she’s…

Kitchen Bootcamp Roundup – Pastry Doughs and Batters


This month’s challenge may have been a bit of a challenge for a lot of people.  I’m not so sure that everyone enjoys pastry doughs and batters quite the way I do.  That said, it turned out to be a bit of a challenge for me, as well. Though I had great plans of making homemade…

Friday Favorites – Halloween Edition (Episode 71)


It’s that time of year again… Halloween! As I mentioned yesterday, I’m not a big Halloween person.  It’s just not something that I usually get really into, and I really haven’t posted too many Halloween recipes. I don’t want to leave you in the dark searching for recipes, though, so I thought it would only…

Chicken Sausage and Egg Casserole


Remember how I said I have been lacking cooking inspiration in the kitchen lately? It seems that my lack of inspiration has also extended itself to blogging. Do not fear… I go through these stages periodically. I find that the best way to get through it is to just push on through and keep writing. So, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I have a funny thing about food textures. Many of the foods that I’m not too fond of are those that have a texture that I don’t like (mushy cereal, for example)… It has very little to do with the flavor. So, due to my hatred of mushy and soggy things, I have avoided egg and sausage casseroles for years. The thought of bread soaking in eggs and milk just didn’t sound appetizing to me.

A few weeks ago, though, I had some stale bread on hand and for some reason I was feeling especially brave. I decided to tackle the dreaded egg and sausage casserole since I know it is such a popular holiday dish (and I was also lacking cooking inspiration at the time). When all was said and done, it turned out to be pretty tasty. In fact, it was tasty enough that I made it again last week and even took the time to take a few pictures and keep track of the recipe.

Pie Dough + Spiced Apple Hand Pies (WFMW)


With the holidays coming up (and since this month’s Kitchen Bootcamp theme is pastry doughs and batters), I thought I’d address a bit of a touchy subject for this week’s Works for Me Wednesday post… Pie Dough. I know that a lot of people are intimidated by pie crusts, though… I used to be, too. But,…

Friday Favorites – Episode 68

It’s Friday again, and fall is officially here. We’ve had a rather cool and dreary week this week, and I’m really not complaining.  It’s been nice to pull out the sweaters, do some fall baking, and drink hot cider in the evenings!  So, as you might have expected, a lot of this week’s favorites have a…

Friday Favorites – Episode 67

Ready for the weekend? I know that I am… This week has been a busy one and I’m looking forward to some time to relax. Perhaps I’ll even have time to try a few of these great recipes… I love this Turkey and Bean Chili from How To: Simplify… It is the perfect dish for…

Friday Favorites – Episode 65

I am well aware of the fact that fall doesn’t actually begin until later this month… In my house, though, fall started last weekend when we had some cool weather.  I decided that it would be jumping the gun a bit to start putting out all of my fall decorations before Labor Day, so that…

Simple Salads, Big Flavor (WFMW)

Let me be honest here for a moment… Salads are not my favorite thing to eat.  I suppose it’s possible that some people do really love salads, but I am not one of those people.  Given the choice between a hamburger and a salad, I will choose the hamburger 95% of the time. My waistline…