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Photo Friday: Autumn Afternoons


When a beautiful autumn afternoon comes along, sometimes you just have to drop the chores and head outside.

We’ve had quite a few lovely afternoons in the last few weeks, and I couldn’t resist the urge to pick up my camera and head outside with the troops (the kiddo and the dog). Most of the leaves have since fallen, and now that we have turned back the clocks, these photos are all I have left of the lovely afternoon light. Continue Reading

Photo Friday: Big Harvest Potluck


Last weekend, I attended a family reunion… I wasn’t related to a single person there. (Or a married person… I crack myself up!)

Nope, I didn’t crash someone else’s reunion.

Rather, I spent the weekend at the Big Harvest Potluck with a group of friends who have become like family to me. After five years of potlucking, we have a lot more to talk about than our food blogs. Sure, we share a love of food, but it’s much more than that.

We spent the weekend catching up, laughing, nibbling, sipping, chatting, and learning. Together. Continue Reading

Photo Friday: Jennifer Schall Photography


This week, I thought I’d do something a bit different for my Photo Friday.  I want to introduce you to my new photography website – Jennifer Schall Photography!

My love of photography extends well beyond my five years of blogging here at My Kitchen Addiction. I’ve been snapping photos for as long as I can remember. My parents got me a camera when I was young, and I have boxes and boxes of photos that I took over the years. In high school, I went through a phase of taking lots of photos at the punk rock and metal shows I was at every weekend. (Did I ever mention that I was in a band? That’s a story for another day…)

Growing up, I saw my dad taking photos with his SLR camera… I loved my simple point and shoot (film) camera, but I wanted to learn more. I took a photography class and I fell in love. From shutter speeds to f-stops to ISO, I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to get into the darkroom and develop my photos (I can still smell the darkroom chemicals). While I’d love to play around in a darkroom again, I’ve since embraced digital photography, and I love it even more.

So, I’ve decided that it’s time to take a leap. I set up my photography portfolio, and I’ll be selling prints soon. I’d love to hear what you think!

(Visit Jennifer Schall Photography…) Continue Reading

Photo Friday: Lego Cookies for an Architect


Recently, one of my good friends passed all of his tests to become a Registered Architect. His wife threw a big bash to celebrate and I agreed to do a few cookies for the guests. The invitations used the quote, “From Legos to Lincoln Logs to real bricks and mortar, Andy has always wanted to be an architect.”  It seemed like the perfect theme for cookies. Each of the guests at the party got a lego cookie to take home to symbolize being a building block on his journey to being an architect.  And, as a special surprise, I did a few extra cookies that displayed some of the experiences that have been a big influence on his career.

I was happy with the cookies overall. Sadly, it was a humid week around here, and I had some trouble with splotchy icing and craters in the lego cookies. AGH! Fortunately, the party guests didn’t seem to notice and the cookies were a big hit!

Congrats, Andy!



Photo Friday: Baltimore


A few weeks ago, we took a long weekend and headed down to Baltimore, MD.  We enjoyed being tourists (in an area that we lived in almost 10 years ago!)… We dined in Fell’s Point, walked around Inner Harbor, ate cannoli from Little Italy, and just enjoyed being in the city for a few days (i.e. shopped at Whole Foods, since we don’t have one here). Here are a few snaps from the weekend…