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Kitchen Bootcamp Roundup – Yeast Breads

For this Kitchen Bootcamp challenge, I asked everyone to spend some time in the kitchen getting familiar with yeast breads… Many of you know that I love to bake, and baking with yeast is pretty high up there on my list.  While a new baby has kept me from doing as much baking for this challenge as I had hoped, I am glad to see that the challenge inspired many others to take on some new recipes and even try baking with yeast for the first time! Continue Reading

Kitchen Bootcamp Roundup – Eggs and Breakfast

This month’s Kitchen Bootcamp challenge focused on eggs and other popular breakfast foods! I admit that it was a selfish pick on my part because I wanted a challenge that I could handle without too much stress and effort.  I really enjoyed seeing what everyone else made, though… Breakfast has been one of my favorite meals to prepare lately, and I’m looking forward to giving these breakfast recipes a try! Continue Reading

Kitchen Bootcamp Roundup – Crisps, Cobblers, and Fruit Desserts

This month’s Kitchen Bootcamp challenge was a huge success… It seems that all of the beautiful fresh fruit in season was just the inspiration that everyone needed to create some pretty fabulous fruit desserts.  I’ve really loved reading everyone’s blog posts this month, and I’m looking forward to trying a few new recipes in the near future! Continue Reading

Kitchen Bootcamp Roundup – Cookies, Brownies, and Bar Cookies

For the first challenge in our new book, The New Best Recipe, I decided to choose the chapter on Cookies, Brownies, and Bar Cookies… And, I’m glad I did!  Not only did it inspire me to work on a few new cookie recipes, but it inspired many of you to do some baking of your own.  Don’t miss all of these great recipes… I know I have a few new ones to try now! Continue Reading