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Homemade Naan with Grilled Vegetables and Tzatziki with Anolon Advanced Bronze Cookware


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Anolon. As always, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

I was recently given a chance to test-drive some of the Anolon Advanced Bronze hard-anodozed nonstick cookware and develop a recipe that’s perfect for summertime on the go. The cookware is durable (you can even use metal tools!) and I found that it heated evenly and yielded great results.

When it comes to summer recipes on the go, I like to keep things simple. I prefer food that can be made ahead of time and assembled when it’s time to eat.  I used the 11-inch covered deep round grill pan to make both homemade naan and grilled veggies. Topped with a homemade tzatziki sauce and crumbled feta cheese, the simple homemade ingredients transform into a flavorful summer meal on the go. It’s especially good for an afternoon at the pool or a family picnic!Continue Reading

Photo Friday: Baltimore


A few weeks ago, we took a long weekend and headed down to Baltimore, MD.  We enjoyed being tourists (in an area that we lived in almost 10 years ago!)… We dined in Fell’s Point, walked around Inner Harbor, ate cannoli from Little Italy, and just enjoyed being in the city for a few days (i.e. shopped at Whole Foods, since we don’t have one here). Here are a few snaps from the weekend…





Blueberry Coffee Cake (Gluten-Free)


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Red Star Yeast.  As always, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

When I first decided that I was going to start doing some gluten-free baking, I was terrified. I had dabbled a bit in gluten-free in the past, and it didn’t go real well. But, this time I was also determined.  And, if you know me, you know that when I set my mind to something, I do it.

I had this idea in my mind that there was a right and a wrong way to bake without gluten. For someone who is rather comfortable in the kitchen, substituting left and right, I refused to deviate from the recipes in the gluten-free cookbooks I had. I was too afraid to mess it all up.

Then, as I was reading through an article by Shauna (Gluten-Free Girl), hoping that she would show me the “right” way to come up with a flour blend, I stumbled upon this quote

“What’s the worst that can happen? A few bad baked goods? Eh, there are worse fates.”

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

My fear of baking a bad cookie or a flat loaf of bread had crippled me. It was silly. The best way to learn is to play around, to try things out, to experiment… And, to fail.Continue Reading

Chocolate Cherry Granola


Sometimes I find that the actual writing of a blog post is the hardest part. This week, that is certainly the case.

I made this granola earlier in the week… I even managed to find the time to take some photos (hooray for nap time!), and got them processed and ready to go.

Since then, however, I’ve barely had a moment to even think about writing a few sentences and sharing the recipe. I’ve got a little girl who doesn’t want to sleep and wants to be held all day (which, while sweet, isn’t very practical when I’m trying to get things done!). And, I’ve also got a few other projects going on this week. It’s all good stuff, but sometimes I find that sitting down to write falls through the cracks.Continue Reading

Photo Friday: Mt. Gretna



It’s been a bit slow around here lately when it comes to developing recipes. The past few weeks have been really busy, and I’m still working on getting caught up and back into our regular routine. I’ll be back with some new recipes soon! But, until then, I thought I’d share a few snaps from a day trip we took to Mt. Gretna, PA a few weeks ago. Enjoy!