The Highchair… On Family, Food, and Community

This week, Miss Madison sat in her highchair for the very first time. While it may not seem like a big milestone to many people, it was a pretty big moment for me. She’s still nursing exclusively, so she’s not sitting in her highchair to eat.  But, our little girl loves to be a part of the action, so we started sitting her in the highchair so that she can be a part of things.

And, that’s when it hit me.  She’s really becoming a part of the family.

For me, the highchair is a lot more than another piece of baby equipment sitting around the house.  It was a gift given to me by a group of generous food bloggers who have become my online family over the years.  And, what a perfect gift it is! It will be the place where Madison tastes her first foods, enjoys being a part of family dinner each evening, and looks on curiously as I am preparing dinner and working in the kitchen.

Food is a big part of my life, not just because I love to cook and love to eat.  And, I do. Most importantly to me, food brings people together. It has brought me together with many amazing friends and bloggers who share a similar passion, and it will also bring my family together each night as we sit down for dinner together.

Seeing Madison sitting in her highchair brought all of my worlds together… It made me realize how much I look forward to sharing my passion for food with my little girl. I have a lot of great memories of being in the kitchen with my mom, and I want her to have those same memories. I want her to look back on lots of great family time, stories, and laughter shared around the family dinner table. I want her to have wonderful friends like the ones I have discovered as a result of sharing my love of cooking and baking.

I watched with delight as Madison sat in her highchair watching me chop bell peppers for dinner. She loves the color red, and she was captivated by the brightly colored strips on the cutting board. She watched me toss them in the skillet and quickly stir fry them for a quick and healthy dinner, smiling and babbling away. I loved how interested she was, and I loved that she was able to participate, even if she was just looking on from her highchair.

Watching her smile as she watched me work gave me a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration in the kitchen. Things have been a bit quiet here over the past few months. My focus has been on getting into a new routine at home. I’m realizing now that it’s important to me that my new routine includes not only cooking and baking, but taking the time to share that experience with Madison and with you.  There will likely be some changes to the blog along the way… Just as the rest of my life has adjusted to a new normal, there will be a new normal here. But, I hope you’ll continue to join me on the journey.

Sure, it’s just a highchair… But, I see it as the start of so much more.

5 Responses to The Highchair… On Family, Food, and Community

  1. You’re going to have so much fun together in the kitchen.

    When my oldest, a boy, was five and I told him we were going to bake cookies, he squared himself, looked me right in the eye and said, “Mom, we don’t have much in common anymore.” and ran off to play with his little brother. Sigh.

  2. Madison certainly loves her new high chair! What a beautiful gift! Your sentiments are so lovely Jen. It will be such a special delight to watch your little girl go from high chair to standing on a kitchen chair to standing at the stove with her Mom over the coming years.

  3. Awh, I love this! Hey, the high chair is a big step! Just wait until she’s banging measuring cups and pots and pans like my 2 yr old does now. . or when she’s 5 (like my oldest), she can actually help you cut some stuff up (with supervision) but also help with the fun/easy stuff in the kitchen. Children are a blessing!! So happy for you and your family! :)