Friday Favorites – Pinterest Edition (Episode 124)

I often feel like I get in a rut with my Friday Favorites… It has nothing to do with the blogs that I read (they are always full of fun and fresh ideas!) and everything to do with me. The thing is, I find myself going back to the same blogs for the same types of recipes. I like what I like, and I’m consistent!

So this week, to force myself out of the RSS reader box, I decided to choose recipes that I discovered on Pinterest.  I admit that I spend much of my time on Pinterest swooning over stilettos, nail polish, and projects for the house that I will never (ever) actually get done.  But, I do also use it as a way to discover some new food blogs that I might not have found otherwise.  So, here are a few of the recipes I pinned this week!

  • My first discovery this week was this fabulous recipe for Easy Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers from Healthy. Happy. Life.  I was sucked in by the photo of the burger topped with lots of lovely avocado, and then I noticed that it was, in fact, a sweet potato burger. Win-win!
  • I also spied this lovely Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake from Alexandra’s Kitchen… I love the concept of breakfast cakes (I have mentioned this before), and this one looks as good as they come. I’m especially a fan of that extra something that buttermilk lends to a recipe, so I know this is going to become a new favorite at my house.
  • In college, I purchased my share of the bottled Frappuccino drinks… My favorite was the peppermint mocha version that appeared sometime around the holidays.  I have pretty much sworn off of them since, but I am tempted to try this Homemade Frappuccino recipe from Cooking for Seven. They look perfectly creamy and delicious, and I bet it wouldn’t be hard to adapt the recipe for a peppermint mocha version!
  • A lot of times on Pinterest, it’s the photos that really catch my eye.  And, the photo of these Cream Puffs with Strawberries and Mascarpone from Pennies on a Platter caught my eye immediately. And, it has me craving cream puffs… And strawberries… And mascarpone.

4 Responses to Friday Favorites – Pinterest Edition (Episode 124)

  1. I’m not on Pinterest so this Friday Fav is a good one for me. Everything looks wonderful but homemade Frappuccino really caught my eye.