Friday Favorites – Episode 112

This has been one of the first weeks in quite a while that my hubby and I didn’t have something on the schedule every single night of the week. And, it’s been great. Because I’ve had some down time in the evenings, I’ve also been spending more time in the kitchen during the day. That’s almost always a good thing!

My mind has now shifted almost completely into Thanksgiving mode. I’ve had pumpkin and cranberries on the brain, and I just ordered a fresh, local turkey for the occasion. Have I mentioned that I am actually hosting Thanksgiving dinner for our families (yup, both sides of the family!)? Well, now you know. So, you’ll have to forgive me for the flurry of Thanksgiving-inspired posts that are sure to pop up as my favorites for the next few weeks…

  • Normally macaroni and cheese wouldn’t be at the top of my Thanksgiving dinner menu. But, after seeing this Autumn Pumpkin Mac & Cheese from Juls’ Kitchen, I’m starting to reconsider. It may just become a new Thanksgiving staple!
  • I love to be in the kitchen early in the morning, especially on Thanksgiving day. I like the way the light streams through my kitchen window and the way the smell of my hubby’s coffee wafts through the room. And, I love to have something sweet to snack on. I am trying to resist, but I think I am going to have to make these Deep Fried Apple Fritters from Cinnamon Girl Recipes.
  • I’m always happy to try new recipes for dinner rolls… These Buttery Cloverleaf Rolls from How Sweet It Is look pretty amazing to me. They look perfectly light and fluffy!
  • I’ve been contemplating making some pumpkin butter for a while, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. After seeing this Pumpkin Butter from Nutmeg Nanny, though, I’m moving it up on my priority list. I can’t get the idea of slathering it on a scone or a biscuit out of my head!
  • Speaking of scones to slather pumpkin butter on, you won’t want to miss these Pumpkin Cream Cheese Scones from How To: Simplify. They are perfect for a holiday brunch if you have family coming to stay. And, I also think they’d be pretty fabulous in a bread basket for the main event, too!
  • Whenever we have friends or family over for a big dinner, I always like to put out some little bowls of snacks for everyone to nibble on while I’m putting the finishing touches on dinner. I usually try to have something salty (like nuts… lately pistachios are my favorite!) and something sweet. This year for Thanksgiving, I am planning on making a batch of this Whiskey-Pecan Toffee from Daydreamer Desserts. Though, I’m afraid no one will save room for dinner!

2 Responses to Friday Favorites – Episode 112

  1. What a fun post Jen. I appreciate you sharing some of your Thanksgiving possibilities with us. They all sound terrific! I also have Thanksgiving on the brain. We’ll be hosting this year as well, and look forward to all of the preparations with a mix of excitement and nervousness. My menu is in the planning stages so again, thanks for sharing! I’ll look forward to following your posts and preparations for the big day :)