Friday Favorites – Episode 111

Each week it gets a little bit harder to think of something to say to go along with my Friday Favorites. I’d love to have some great witty introduction paragraph, but I come up with nothing. It’s not that the recipes aren’t good… I find tons of incredible recipes each week! So, this week, I’m just going to cut it short and let the recipes speak for themselves. They’re good. Trust me.

  • My obsession with all things pumpkin continues. Bear with me, though… This is a good one! Check out this Pumpkin Spice Granola from Sugarcrafter. Whether you eat it for breakfast or as a snack, it’s sure to brighten your day!
  • My mind has been in brunch mode quite a bit lately. While we rarely actually host a brunch around the holidays, I tend to get in the mood to make brunch for the hubby and I on the weekends. Next time, I will be adding these Individual Cinnamon Spice French Toast Puddings from eat. live. travel. write. to my menu. They are topped with maple caramelized apples, too… What’s not to love?
  • Ever since I was a kid, Russian tea cakes (or Mexican wedding cookies… or any other variety of names) have been my absolute favorite cookie. I’ve only ever made them a few times, though. They always tasted better when someone else made them. This year for the holidays, I will be making these Pistachio Polvorónes from the sophisticated gourmet. They look better than any I’ve ever seen.
  • And, for those of you who like to bake (and even those who don’t), you don’t want to miss this recipe for Homemade Cake Flour from i am baker. Just go check it out. All of you. This is quite possibly the best post I’ve seen all week, and not just because I love to bake cakes.

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