Friday Favorites – Episode 106

You may have been wondering where my Friday Favorites went… But do not fear!

It’s been a few weeks since I had a chance to do much blog reading (life got in the way… that happens sometimes!).  But, this week, I made a point to sit down and go through a lot of the blog posts I’ve missed… And, I am making a conscious effort to get back on track with my Friday Favorites. Cross your fingers that I can stick to it!

The good news is that in the last few weeks, the weather here seems to have turned a bit. Though there have certainly still been some warm and sticky days, we have also had quite a few crisp, cool nights. And, I have worn boots on a few occasions!

So, my mind has now turned to cooler weather foods and I am gearing up for some serious pumpkin and apple baking in the next week or two, as well. In the meantime, there’s a good chance that a few of these dishes will be popping up on my weekly menu!

  • Chocolate chip cookies are an any-time-of-year food, if you ask me. But something about a warm, chewy chocolate chip cookie is especially inviting when the weather is chilly. So, it should be no surprise that I am just swooning over this Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie from Nutmeg Nanny. Would it be so bad if I made it and subbed some mini peanut butter cups for the chocolate chips?
  • When I think of fall food, chili is one of the first things that comes to mind. I rarely make the same chili twice… I love experimenting with new flavors and just going with what feels right. And, I am thinking that this Super Hearty Chili from How Sweet It Is is just right for this fall.
  • There is just something about salted caramel that makes me think fall (and Christmas, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!)… I’ve been thinking about making homemade caramels a lot lately.  I have a few recipes in mind to try, and these Sea Salt Caramels with Vanilla Bean from Brown Eyed Baker are at the top of my list! Of course, I am imagining them dipped in chocolate.
  • This time of year, you are bound to come across a recipe that calls for pumpkin pie spice.  But, don’t rush off to the store and buy it. Chances are, you actually have many of the ingredients to make your own (better) version. Instead, go check out this recipe for Pumpkin Pie Spice from My Baking Addiction. It’s as good as any I’ve seen. I plan on whipping up a batch this weekend to keep for my fall baking!

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  1. Hey Jen … as someone who has never won anything substantial in her entire life, I am still in shock (and can’t wait to see all the Dove goodies!). I picked up a couple of Made in Hawaii treats for you today and will be sending them off tomorrow — have a great weekend! Mynda 8-)