Last Minute Dinner Inspiration from Freschetta

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Ordering pizza… We’ve all done it.  As a food blogger, it is sometimes hard for me to admit that there are nights where I really just don’t feel like cooking. It happens.  I’d like to think it happens to all of us!

Sure, I love to make homemade pizza, and I do it regularly.  But, on days when 6:00pm rolls around and I haven’t yet had a chance to think about what’s for dinner, it’s a bit late to get started on homemade pizza.  Pizza is definitely my last-minute food of choice, but the takeout/delivery options around here aren’t so great, and I have no control over the quality of the ingredients used in my pizza.  Instead, I’ve learned to keep a frozen pizza or two in my freezer.

So, when I was given the opportunity to try the new line of FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™ pizzas, I was excited to see how they measure up to my standards.  First, I did a bit of perusing on their site…  I am notorious for looking up ingredients when I am asked to review products (consider yourself warned!).  I was pleased to discover how easy it was to find the ingredients and nutrition information for the pizzas… And, I was equally pleased to see that the ingredients were ones that I recognized – part skim mozzarella cheese, roasted garlic, basil, tomatoes.

I was also pleased to see that FRESCHETTA® has redesigned their packages to use 30% less material… Those reductions add up – 1,378 tons of paperboard, 67,500 miles of travel, 23,433 trees, 472,500 gallons of fuel!

But, How Did It Taste?

The good ingredients and green packaging are great, but I think it’s most important that we talk about how the pizza tasted! I decided to give the Harvest Supreme pizza a try, and my hubby and I both really enjoyed the Mediterranean flavors of the sundried tomatoes, chicken sausage, feta cheese, and spinach.  Though I’m normally not a thin crust person, I also enjoyed the crisp thin crust on the pizza.  Overall, I approved… And, I can be a pretty tough critic!

Make it a Meal…

FRESCHETTA® also threw in a bamboo cutting board with cheese knives and a small dish.  I think it will be great for entertaining… My mind immediately went to a lovely antipasti platter! Adding your favorite fresh veggies, cheeses, and meats on the side is an easy way to add your personal touch to a last minute dinner!

Try for Yourself…

If all of this talk about pizza is making you hungry, I have good news!  You don’t just have to take my word for it that these FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™ pizzas are worth trying.  You can try them for yourself!

FRESCHETTA® has been kind enough to provide a coupon for a free pizza and a cutting board set for one lucky reader!

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment letting me know what your favorite pizza toppings are!

You can also earn additional entries for the giveaway by leaving an additional comment letting me know that you have done the following (one comment per entry, please):

This giveaway is now closed.  Congrats to Nelly Rodriguez, who was randomly selected as the winner of the free pizza and the cutting board!

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29 Responses to Last Minute Dinner Inspiration from Freschetta

  1. fun giveaway! My favorite pizza toppings are simple – tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and basil – margarita pizza! :)

  2. Monique says:

    I love hawaiin pizza!! And the others with all of the veggies, we had 2 of these pizzas this last weekend and they were so good.

  3. Celina says:

    sausage and green olive . . . or feta, roasted reds, and greek olive. love the bamboo set!!!

  4. Joan says:

    My favorite toppings are feta, olives and spinach. Nice giveaway!

  5. Joan says:

    I am following @FreschettaSI on twitter. My twitter is lonetree72.

  6. jason says:

    Single topping of choice is bacon. Otherwise I’d go for the “special” which is bacon, ham, sausage, pepperoni, onion, green peppers, and mushroom.

  7. I’m obsessed with corn on my pizza. The sweet kernels are perfect with the savory pizza! nom nom nom!

  8. I love the classic: fresh mozzarella and basil, but I ALWAYS top my pizza with some Frank’s sauce!

  9. Julie says:

    Leafy greens! I love spinach and kale on pizza. Asparagus too. And of course, quality cheese!

  10. Michelle T says:

    Roasted veggies! Just roast 1 red or orange bell pepper and 1 c pineapple pieces for about 20-30 min at 400F – then toss on the pizza!

  11. Wendy L says:

    I love veggie pizza. Green peppers, onion, and mushrooms!

  12. Lisa says:

    I usually go for pepperoni and cheese but the Classic Bruschetta pizza from the Simply Inspired collection is awesome!

  13. Andrea says:

    Pineapple and banana peppers. Now I want pizza. ;)

  14. Monica says:

    Looking at these other comments, I feel pretty boring…but my favorite topping is plain Italian sausage!

  15. Jill H says:

    I like chicken, bacon and artichoke hearts with mozzerella cheese.

  16. Jill H says:

    “Like” FRESCHETTA on Facebook

  17. Jill H says:

    Follow @FreschettaSI on Twitter @jillyrh

  18. Suziee says:

    I love artichokes and sun dried tomatoes on my pizza with provolone or good ol’ mushroom and pepperoni.

  19. T.C. says:

    Hawaiian with basil is my favorite! What a fun givaway!

  20. Mindy says:

    My favorite combo at our local pizza joint is pepperoni, pepperoncini and garlic. Mmmmm!

  21. Jecka says:

    My favorite pizza toppings are simple: excellent-quality cheese, fresh herbs, and garlic!

  22. Julie L says:

    my favorite is lots of cheese and pepperoni

  23. Julie L says:

    like freschetta on fb Julie Scott Laws

  24. Kimiko says:

    My favorite topping for pizza is cheese, cheese, and more cheese! If not that, my second choice is pineapple and canadian bacon…I love that Hawaiian pizza!

  25. Jim A says:

    I like EVERYTHING and lots of it, but my sweet wife only likes cheese, double pepperoni and mushrooms! I guess you know what kind I eat? lol

  26. Emily says:

    Well I love anything on pizza. But I must say that goat cheese is at the very top of my list. I basically will try anything on a pizza crust!!!

  27. Susan says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE artichokes on my pizza…but with 3 kids, we generally stick with the basics – pepperoni and cheese….still not a bad choice :)

  28. Peggy says:

    I’m definitely just a true pepperoni gal! =)