Stainless Steel Cookware Cleaning Tips (WFMW)

I like bright and shiny things… Don’t you?

Nope, I’m not talking about jewelry (though,  if my husband is asking, I do like jewelry!)… I’m talking about pots and pans, my stainless steel pots and pans!

I love to cook with my heavy stainless steel pots and pans.  You have probably realized that because you see them in my photos all the time. It does take some getting used to, but once you go stainless, I don’t think you’ll ever go back… Except maybe for eggs. I still can’t cook eggs in a stainless steel pan, and I have one nonstick pan in my collection reserved specifically for eggs.

One of the things I love most about my stainless steel cookware is that it can stand up to just about anything.  Sometimes I joke that I could probably drive my car over it. I’ve definitely put mine to the test over the years… I’ve had scorched caramel stuck in the bottom of my favorite saucepan… I’ve burned my share of potatoes in my large skillet… And, of course, there are the countless times that I’ve been searing meat and filled the house with smoke, leaving a nice black crusted pan.

Here’s the thing… After the beating my pots and pans have taken, they are still bright and shiny… Just like new!

So, since today’s Works for Me Wednesday theme is spring cleaning, I thought I’d share my secret for keeping stainless steel cookware as good as new!

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Bar Keeper’s Friend…

Even when I am on my best cooking behavior, and I don’t burn or scorch anything in my pans, I find that dish soap and water just aren’t enough. Fat and oil are a necessity when cooking on stainless steel, and they can leave a residue behind on pots and pans.

I have done my share of scrubbing, but over time, I’ve learned that, to keep my pans at their best, I need an additional cleaner – Bar Keeper’s Friend.  It’s a powder cleaner that you can just sprinkle in the bottom of your pots and pans. When it mixes with a small amount of water, it will form a paste.  Then, I use a wet sponge or scouring pad to scrub the pans.

After a quick scrub and a rinse… My pots and pans look as good as new!

Want to give it a try?  My local grocery store has recently started carrying Bar Keeper’s Friend in the cleaning aisle… It’s with the other powdered kitchen and bathroom cleaners.  If you can’t find it at your local store, you can order it from Amazon, as well.

I’m not affiliated with Bar Keeper’s Friend… I just love how it leaves my pots and pans bright and shiny! However, the links provided in this post are Amazon affiliate links.


22 Responses to Stainless Steel Cookware Cleaning Tips (WFMW)

  1. LOVE this cleanser. The instructions that came with my pots and pans recommended this, too. Some say “Comet” or “Bon Ami” is as good as this, but don’t listen to them.

  2. I LIVE by this stuff. I seriously like magic and keeps my All Clad pans, my most prized possession in my kitchen next to my stand mixer, looking brand spankin new.

  3. I never run out of Bar Keeper’s Friend. I love the stuff. It really does an excellent job on my stainless pots and pans. I also use the liquid version which works well too. But the powder is slightly more abrasive and better on tougher cooked-on messes.

  4. Hey Jen, Thanks for the great tips. Ladies always want to keep their kitchen clean, and you did great job by creating this post. Keep posting! I would like to visit here again.

  5. I use it, too! Just tried it today and found your post to learn more secrets. Well, I’ll share one of mine on cooking eggs in SS. Keep the pan med-low, add butter or other oil just until it melts, put in your eggs for frying and then put a LID on it. Don’t leave it too long unless that is how you like them cooked. My eggs come out of the pan very easily and don’t leave anything behind. You can flip them, or not, depending on your taste. I even do omelettes this way, just keep it LOW, and keep a lid on it!

  6. Bar Keepers Friend is the BEST!

    If you don’t have a lot of cookware that needs polishing and don’t feel like you need that much Bar Keepers Friend in your house, you can also get a nice polish by making your own at home.

    Mix equal parts flour, salt, and white vinegar together and you’ll get a nice homemade polishing paste.

  7. I have used Comet when I didn’t have any Barkeeper’s Friend, and it did get the pan really clean, but it requires much more elbow grease.

  8. No matter what i use i cant get what looks like water stains around the inside of my pots. I have tried all of the leading cleaners, including comet and it sill wont work. I even tried boiling a full pot of water and adding a tsp. of baking soda to remove all stains. That didn’t work either. I have never heard of or saw “Bar keepers friend” and I work in a restaurant. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I NEED TO TRY TO FIX MY POTS OR SHOULD I JUST GIVE UP?
    I have a full set of stainless steel pots and pans and at the expense of them i hate to see them discolor and deteriorate. Any more theories? Thanks for your time.