Friday Favorites – Episode 89

I’ve got quite a mix of posts in this week’s collection of favorites.  I’ve done quite a bit of blog reading this week (I admit, I had let my RSS reader get a bit out of hand!), and there were so many great posts to choose from.  My cooking and baking list for the next week has grown considerably! I hope you’ll enjoy these posts as much as I have…

  • I am just swooning over these homemade Chocolate Marshmallow Bunnies from A Farmgirl’s Dabbles… I love making homemade candies for Easter each year, and I think these will be at the top of my list!
  • My husband loves both red velvet cake and strawberry shortcake… So, I am pretty sure this Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake from I Am Baker would just blow his mind. And, of course, now that I have posted this, he will probably demand that I make it this weekend.
  • In my efforts to eat meatless more often, I need big flavors to keep me interested.  This Spring Orzo Pasta Salad with Asparagus and Artichokes from Food for My Family looks like the perfect lunch to me… Nothing boring about it!
  • I’ve always been quite fond of biscuits… I should have been born in the South!  Right now, I’m totally craving these Lightened-Up Cream Cheese Biscuits from The Merry Gourmet. I think they are the perfect way to use up the homemade jam in my pantry!
  • This isn’t a typical “blog” post… Unless you consider the New York Times a blog, which I do not. However, I thought it was worth mentioning this article entitled Is Sugar Toxic? It’s a bit long, but it’s a good read… And, it definitely will make you think about how much sugar you eat.
  • Strangely enough, immediately after reading the NYT article about sugar, I was reading the ingredients on my “natural” peanut butter as I slathered it on some toasted bread for breakfast.  Sure enough, it included sugar! Right afterwards, I saw a tweet about this Homemade Walnut Butter from Gluten Free Girl and the Chef… I think homemade walnut butter is now on the agenda for next week!

4 Responses to Friday Favorites – Episode 89

  1. Looks like I have some serious blog-surfing to do (again). Loving your Friday posts – great way to find more great food blogs out there!