Valentine’s Day Cookies

What comes to mind when you think of gifts for Valentine’s Day? I immediately think of chocolates. Roses and jewelry come to mind, too… But, chocolate is definitely first in line.

In particular, I am reminded of one year in high school when a good friend and I were both single and decided we would be each others Valentines… We bought each other roses and she and I sat in the cafeteria munching on a giant box of chocolates during lunch. I think that may have been the only year where I actually bought chocolates and roses for Valentine’s Day… My hubby isn’t really into flowers. I bet you’re shocked.

Instead of making homemade chocolates this year, I decided to decorate some box of chocolate cookies instead… You know, those heart-shaped boxes that can only be found around Valentine’s Day.  It seemed like a fun cookie design to try just for fun (and a good way to use up the rest of my Nutella cutout cookies and royal icing from my heart cookies last week).

While I was at it, I made some small gift box cookies, as well… I imagine the boxes are full of jewelry and other fun gifts… Diamonds, probably!

Plus, my hubby may not be thrilled about getting chocolates and jewelry for Valentine’s Day… But, he’s happy to munch on some cookies!

32 Responses to Valentine’s Day Cookies

  1. What gorgeous cookies! I would never have the patience to beautifully decorate cookies like you do.

    Like your husband, mine is happy with a Valentine’s treat to eat – homemade baklava for him!

  2. Sigh… And I was so proud of myself for piping almost perfect X and O on 60 or so chocolate cookies (the idea came from Bake at 350 ’cause I am not a baker:). I won’t let my kids see your masterpieces – I need some love and adulation from the fam! But seriously, these are gorgeous.

  3. These are just perfect! You have such a talent – I was in the kitchen for 5 hours making cookies for my kids to give their classmates – they just each had a heart and their name and it took me 5 hours lol! I can not imagine how you do it! Too cool!

  4. Yep, chocolates are the way to go. But, having them ON sugar cookies is just as nice for me! These are probably the cutest and most creative Valentines treat I’ve seen this year!