Perfectly Drizzled Chocolate (WFMW)

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away… Are you ready?

My husband and I don’t usually go all out with Valentine’s Day… It’s just not our thing.  There are no diamonds or extravagant gifts (though I wouldn’t be entirely opposed to that).  We usually make a point to get each other a card and (when we remember) a small gift. Instead, we usually make a special dinner together (which is rare) and make some chocolate covered strawberries.

So, when I saw that this month’s themed Works for Me Wednesday post was supposed to focus on Valentine’s Day gift ideas, I decided to share my trick for perfectly drizzled chocolate.  After all, nothing says Valentine’s Day like dipping and drizzling with chocolate, right? Whether you are the gift giving type or not, I guarantee that your sweetie will melt for some beautiful homemade chocolate treats.

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Anyone can dunk strawberries in chocolate, but I think that adding some drizzle really takes your strawberries to the next level… Especially if you do it right.

Put down the plastic bag!

I know you probably have recipes that suggest melting chocolate in a plastic bag, cutting the tip off, and using it as a makeshift piping bag for drizzling.  Don’t do it! It’s hard to keep the chocolate from squirting out in every direction, and you run the risk of the bag exploding melted chocolate all over your kitchen (that has happened to me more times than I can count!).

Instead, get out your trusty squeeze bottle.  It seems obvious, doesn’t it?  Unlike the plastic bag (or even a disposable piping bag), you can set the melted chocolate down and don’t have to worry about a chocolate flood on your countertops.  Plus, you have much more control while you drizzle! If you don’t have a few squeeze bottles in your kitchen, you can find them at a craft store.

Work Quickly!

When you are drizzling chocolate, you have to work quickly.  If you want nice, thin, clean lines, you can’t give the chocolate any time to glop up (technical term). Gently squeeze the bottle as you quickly move your arm (not just your wrist!) back and forth.

Extra Space…

Be sure that you have extra space to work with.  Your drizzle should start off of the item you are drizzling and extend a bit on either side. It’s hard to have an even drizzle if you are worried about coloring in the lines… Just let it flow naturally, the extra drizzle will break off after the chocolate sets, and it’ll look perfect!

Think Outside the Strawberry!

Chocolate drizzle is great for more than just strawberries!  Think about your sweetie’s favorite treats… Cookies, pretzels, nut clusters, graham crackers, and even bacon are all great for dipping and drizzling with chocolate!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I have been wanting to make chocolate covered pretzel sticks since Christmas! I get a snow day today, so maybe that should go on the list of to-do’s. :) Thanks for sharing! Now I wish I had strawberries too!

  2. What a wonderful idea!! I’ve always done it the plastic bag way, and now I’m kicking myself because of how easy the the squeeze bottle way looks! ;-)

  3. LOL. You got me! Why didn’t I think of that? I keep three squeeze bottles int he kitchen at all times and yet when reading this I couldn’t help but think what an awesome idea. Thank you for the tip! I can’t wait to try it :)

  4. Jen I’m so sorry! I was here yesterday and forgot to leave a comment. I am bad.

    I hope you are doing well. Your blog looks more beautiful all the time and I’m happy to see you are still doing Share our Strength.

    And these strawberries and your drizzle look beautiful.


  5. I’ve used the squeeze bottle for drizzling melted chocolate, too. Definitely better than a bag. You can partially fill a mason jar with hot water and rest the squeeze bottle in it when you’re not using it. That keeps the chocolate in the bottle from hardening too quickly. The rim of the jar keeps the bottle from falling over. Your strawberries look beautiful!

  6. I’m guilty of using the plastic bag! I’m always afraid to use the squeeze bottles because I’m afraid they will be so hard to get clean! You’ve convinced me though… I’m going to pick up a few.

  7. Great idea! I made some chocolate covered strawberries for the Superbowl and my white football lines didn’t turn out to well…which i would have known this tip sooner!

    • Joan – Yes, you could melt the chocolate in the bottle. However, there are some health concerns with toxins from plastic getting into food, especially when microwaved. So, for that reason, I always opt to use a microwave safe glass bowl/measuring cup and transfer the plastic to the bottle.

  8. In your origInal tutorial it would have of been great if you said how to melt the chocolate. Melting in the bottle gets the bottle very hot.

  9. tried the plastic bottles and the chocolate gets stuck in the tiny hole at the top… tried drizzle spoon and the chocolate pours too thick..thanks

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