Heart Cookies for Valentine’s Day

It’s been a while since I decorated cookies… Hand surgery has a way of messing things up like that.

When I posted my Nutella Sandwich Cookies for Nutella Day on Saturday, though, I promised that the cutout cookies would work well for decorating… I keep my promises.  Plus, my hand is doing much better.

I used the leftover dough from the Nutella Cutout Cookies to make some heart shaped cookies (and a few double-heart cookies), and I decorated them for Valentine’s Day.

As I typically do, I decorated these cookies with royal icing. I was a bit nervous since I was out of practice, but the cookies turned out well in the end.  I used this great tip from Gail to make sure that my red and white icing did not bleed together on the double heart cookies, and it worked like a charm!

And, you may be wondering about how I got perfectly red icing…  Well, I used the AmeriColor Super Red food coloring, adding it a few drops at a time until the icing was a nice deep red.  Don’t be scared if you feel like you’re adding quite a bit of coloring.  It takes a lot.  It’s also worth noting that the icing dries a shade darker than it is when it is wet.

So, get moving! Whip up a batch of Nutella cutout cookies and decorate some cookies for your Valentine! Hopefully my cookie designs will provide a few ideas to get you started!

Please note that the link to the AmeriColor food coloring provided on this page is an Amazon affiliate link.

28 Responses to Heart Cookies for Valentine’s Day

  1. beautiful cookies Jen! I can’t believe I didn’t even make Valentine’s cookies this year. It would have been the perfect time to practice my piping, but I just ran out of time, sadly. I might steal your designs for next year though! ;)

  2. Hi Jen! Great looking cookies! Glad your hand is back to piping strength and comfort once again. These are wonderful! Happy Vanentines Day to you and your hubby!
    On a different note, I’d like to take a moment to award you and your blog the “Stylish Blogger Award”! Congratulations!!! This award was recently bestowed on my blog too and it’s time to pay-it-forward :) To find out more, you can visit here and also view your fellow recipiens: