Challenge: Soups (Kitchen Bootcamp January)

Whether I’m ready or not, 2011 is here.  I haven’t really outlined specific goals or made a list of resolutions for the year… However, if I did, I think that continuing to learn new things, particularly in the kitchen, would be pretty high on my list.  Though I enjoy making familiar recipes, it’s the new recipes and techniques that I find to be the most fun.

So, I’m feeling a sense of renewal as we head into the January Kitchen Bootcamp challenge. I’m ready to tackle some new recipes, techniques, and flavors… And, I hope you’ll join me!

For the January challenge, I have selected a “winter appropriate” theme for the monthly challenge… Soups!  There are few things as warming and as comforting as a steaming bowl of soup on a winter night.  But, I hate to buy the canned soups from the store… Though there are some quality soups made with healthy ingredients to be found, I find that soups can be made at home, from scratch, pretty easily and for a lot less money (perhaps saving money is one of your resolutions?).

As always, I am using The Professional Chef from The Culinary Institute of America† as my main resource for the challenge.  You’ll find lots of great recipes and tutorials for soups in Chapter 17.  If you don’t have a copy of The Professional Chef, though, I still welcome you to join in the challenge! Feel free to use any resources you have on hand.  The only requirement is that you prepare a soup (preferably not one from a can!).

I will be posting the roundup of everyone’s soup recipes on Monday, January 31st. To be sure your recipe is included, please submit it by Sunday, January 30th.  Please check out my Kitchen Bootcamp page for all of the challenge details and links to the archives!

†Disclosure – Please note that the link to The Professional Chef provided on this page is an Amazon affiliate link.

11 Responses to Challenge: Soups (Kitchen Bootcamp January)

  1. Maybe a silly question…but would a stew count?

  2. Tracey says:

    I always intend to submit to your Bootcamp challenges Jen, but then I forget by the end of the month. Going to try really hard to make it happen this month, soups would be very welcome here during chilly January :)

  3. […] I knew that I had to give the soup recipe a try, and I put a bookmark on the page so that I wouldn’t forget. After a bit of a hiatus over the holidays, I am doing my best to get back to the kitchen this week, so I thought that this soup would be a good place to start… Especially since I chose soups as this month’s Kitchen Bootcamp challenge. […]

  4. Rossella says:

    I adore soups. I discovered them late but I’m in love with them. I want to try a new recipe for this challenge, even if I’ve already a pair of excellent classics.
    Count me for this month challenge.

  5. Gail says:

    I LOVE SOUP! We are huge winter soup lovers. Maybe I’ll even play along with this challenge.

  6. I have such a great idea inspired by our trip to Mexico!

  7. I love soup, just posted one today.
    One question, is possible, how many posts can we submit?
    Thanks for your answer.
    Best wishes,

  8. Dominic says:

    I love making soups but I love to challenge my regular routines so I will find one I’ve never made before and count me in!!!

  9. […] So, when I have been thinking about what to make for dinner each night, soup is constantly the first thing that comes to my mind.  I guess that it’s handy that soup is the theme for this month’s Kitchen Bootcamp challenge! […]

  10. […] challenge is soup.  I am pretty confident when making soup as it is basically a staple in our house.  Since I make […]

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