Friday Favorites – Halloween Edition (Episode 71)

It’s that time of year again… Halloween!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m not a big Halloween person.  It’s just not something that I usually get really into, and I really haven’t posted too many Halloween recipes. I don’t want to leave you in the dark searching for recipes, though, so I thought it would only be fair for me to share a few of the great Halloween recipes I have seen on other blogs.  Whether you’re planning a party or just looking for some fun, festive dishes to try, be sure to check out these great recipes!

  • Maybe the reason I don’t usually do Halloween treats is that it’s a good thing if they sound gross… Take these Halloween Maggot Balls from Flamingo Musings, for example! They look delicious and disgusting all at the same time… And, for Halloween, I think that’s a compliment!
  • Halloween doesn’t have to be all about sweets. In fact, I think the savory dishes are just as fun!  I absolutely love this Spanaspookyta (i.e. Mummified Spanakopita) from Gourmeted. This would be a perfect appetizer for a Halloween party, if you ask me!
  • Want to make a special Halloween breakfast this weekend? I’d definitely recommend these Pumpkin Pancakes from How To: Simplify. Want to make them a bit more ghoulish? Try simmering some fresh cranberries in your maple syrup for some “blood and guts” to top your pancakes with!
  • I have a bit of a candy corn problem… If I have it in the house, I can’t stop eating it. It’s probably best if I don’t make this homemade Candy Corn from Sugarcrafter, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give it a try!  Imagine how impressed your friends and family will be if you make your own candy corn!
  • Want to get your family to eat more fruit? Consider serving this Spiced Caramel Apple Dip from Add a Pinch. I know I wouldn’t be able to stop munching on apples if you put this dip in front of me. You can’t go wrong with a sprinkling of cardamom on top, right?
  • In addition to my candy corn problem, I also have a caramel corn problem. So, it would be in my best interest to avoid this Homemade Cracker Jack from Brown Eyed Baker.  But, I probably won’t. I will feel sick later and tell myself that I told me so.

7 Responses to Friday Favorites – Halloween Edition (Episode 71)

  1. Thanks for the um, “compliment”, Jen. :-D Having a lot of fun with the Halloween recipes, this week, and I’m tickled that you selected one of mine, as well as a couple of my fellow #GreatHallowTweet-ers as part of your roundup. Have a positively ghastly weekend! xox

  2. Thanks for including me in your roundup! All of these recipes sound wonderful, so I’ll be bookmarking them as well. Happy Halloween!! :-)

  3. Thanks so much for including mine. I agree, the savory food deserve some love on Halloween, too. :)

    Happy Halloween weekend to you!

  4. Were you once in a high school play/musical “frankie and johnny”?

    BTW, whether you were or not, compliments on the extremely professional looking website!!!

      • Oh well. Thought you were an old friend that grew up in New Jersey… Thanks for answering back so fast! Every guy should be as lucky as your husband to have someone who loves to cook as much as you do!!! Bon Appetit