Baking For Good

Mother’s Day is just two short weeks away, so I thought I’d share a quick gift idea with you!

I am always a big fan of giving gifts that give back.  I understand that it is customary to give gifts for many holidays, and I have to admit that I enjoy putting together and giving gifts to my loved ones.  The thing is, most of us really don’t NEED much, and we end up buying and receiving more STUFF.  So, I often try to find gifts that help to support an organization or charity.  If I’m going to buy a gift anyway, I love to know that a portion of the money I’m spending is supporting a good cause.

The lovely ladies over at Big Girls, Small Kitchen have created a yummy Mother’s Day treat to support the Valerie Fund – a nonprofit organization that helps to assist families with children who have cancer and blood disorders. I recommend checking out their site… The stories will break your heart, and you will instantly understand the impact that your support can have for a family going through the unimaginable struggle of having a child suffering from cancer or a blood disorder.

The great news is that you can help! By purchasing some Peanut M&M Blondies from Baking for Good, you can help Cara and Phoebe support the Valerie Fund and also get some goodies for Mother’s Day. Blondies are one of my favorite desserts, and I think these blondies would make an excellent gift for the people you love who may live a long distance away. You can have some delicious (and high quality – you can see the list of ingredients when you order!) baked goods delivered directly to their door! Or, order some for yourself and save yourself the trouble of baking dessert on Mother’s Day!

Plus, if you order some of the blondies, you can attempt the perfect dunk just like I did a few months back… Just do yourself a favor and don’t do it in your mom’s kitchen.  She won’t appreciate having to clean up your mess – especially on Mother’s Day!

Better yet? Let your MOM dunk her cookies in milk and make a big mess, and YOU offer to do the clean up!

4 Responses to Baking For Good

  1. I was planning to make blondies for my mom this week. Then you mention it. hahaha…whoa…coincidence…I think not. It’s a sign!!!

    I love that dunk shot!!!!