PA Food Bloggers Bake Sales (Friday Favorites – Episode 47)

The Food Bloggers Bake Sale is about one month away, so I thought I would take an opportunity to share some more bake sale information with you in this week’s Friday Favorites post!  Instead of linking to my favorite blog posts, I thought I’d share some bake sale links and info on how to get involved!

I am helping to organize the Pennsylvania bake sales… With the help of two other great bloggers (Julie and Jessica), it looks like we will be able to pull off three different bake sales in PA! If you’re from PA, we’d love to have you join in the fun and help us to support the Great American Bake Sale.  Even if you’re not from PA, you can visit the official bake sale pages and make a donation!

Details for the Pennsylvania bake sales…

Central PA Bake Sale

Philadelphia Bake Sale

Pittsburgh Bake Sale

Some other helpful bake sale links…

Here are a few other links to help you learn more and (hopefully) get involved with the bake sales and the fight against hunger…

  • Check out the official site of the National Food Bloggers Bake Sale over at What’s Gaby Cooking.  You’ll find a list of all of the states hosting bake sales and contact information for the bake sale organizers!
  • If you’re interested in hosting a bake sale but aren’t available to participate in the Food Bloggers sale on April 17th (or maybe you want to host another one in addition!), be sure to check out the Great American Bake Sale site to register and get all of the details!
  • Over at Forgotten Foodies (my “side project” with Kelly from Evil Shenanigans), we featured a fun interview with Gaby about her inspiration for the Food Bloggers Bake Sale.
  • The next #SOSFood Twitter Chat is coming up next Wednesday (March 24th) from 9-11pm EST.  We will be chatting about the bake sale, so it’s a great time to meet new bloggers and get your bake sale questions answered!

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  1. Hey Jen,
    Just wondering if you know anything about a Great Canadian version of the Great American Bake Sale? I would love to do something like this.