Friday Favorites – Episode 45

Does your RSS reader ever get out of control? Blog posts pile up for days until there are thousands of unread posts taunting you… That unread items number in Google Reader can be intimidating! Especially when it crosses the four digit threshold.

I just spent the last 4 hours going through all of the unread items in my Google Reader. I’m honestly not sure where the week went. I was busy working on the Forgotten Foodies site (which, I am happy to announce, is now up and running) and a few other things around the house, and suddenly it’s Friday and I had neglected to read any blogs all week long! I am caught up now, though (for a few minutes until it starts to fill up again…), and ready to share my favorite blog posts from the past week (as selected in the past few hours)!

4 Responses to Friday Favorites – Episode 45

  1. Oh man I know all about google reader explosion. It sucks but at some point you have to buckle down and go through it. I have started just leaving it open in a tab and whenever I see a new post is up I just try to comment right away. I figure that way I won’t feel so overwhelmed.

    Great Friday Favorites as always :)

  2. My RSS feed reader is so full that I can’t look at it because it makes me feel too guilty! LOL Love the look of that Chocolate Rice Pudding…drool…