Fighting Hunger… One P-B-J-and-M at a time!

Did you know that you can help fight hunger with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? It’s true!

If you read this blog regularly, you know that the fight against hunger is a cause that I am passionate about.  So, I was excited to hear about the PB&J My Way recipe contest sponsored by the Southern Peanut Growers.  To enter the contest, you simply need to submit your favorite PB&J recipe! For each PB&J recipe submitted by March 31st, the Southern Peanut Growers will donate one jar of peanut butter (up to 4,000) to those in need.  It’s a quick and easy way to help fight hunger.  You could even win a case of peanut butter and have your recipe featured on their site. For more details, check out the official press release.

As I read about the contest, I was immediately reminded of an old family recipe, a recipe for a peanut butter, jelly, and mustard (yes, mustard – that’s where the M comes in) sandwich. It has been passed down to me by my dad, but it was originally my grandfather’s recipe (“Pop” was what we called him).

This is not just a family heirloom, though… It is a recipe surrounded by deceit and trickery.  You see, as kids, my brother and I weren’t too keen on giving this infamous PBJ&M sandwich a try.  Can you blame us?! The idea of putting mustard in a PB&J sandwich isn’t exactly kid-friendly. My dad was persistent, though, and would sneak the mustard into our sandwiches without telling us. And, we would eat them happily. In fact, it has since become one of my favorites. Yes, it’s true.

The thing is, when you add yellow mustard to peanut butter and jelly, it simply gives the jelly a bit of a tangy taste… But it doesn’t really taste like mustard.  My mom actually thinks it tastes more like pickles.  I haven’t yet been able to convince my hubby to give it a try. Perhaps I’ll have to resort to my dad’s method and spike his sandwich with some mustard one of these days when he least suspects it!

Pop’s Infamous Peanut Butter Jelly and Mustard Sandwich

  • 2 slices homemade whole wheat sandwich bread
    (Note – My mom always made homemade bread, so that’s what I had as a kid… not sure if that’s an authentic ingredient from my grandfather or not)
  • Chunky peanut butter
  • Strawberry jelly (or flavor of your choice)
  • Yellow mustard

There is a definite science to this sandwich… Start by spreading peanut butter on both slices of bread, not just one… This is important. The peanut butter works to seal off the bread so that it doesn’t get mushy.  I’m serious.

Spread the strawberry jelly on one slice of bread, and drizzle the mustard on the other slice.  The jelly and mustard should be kept separate until you are ready to dig in.  Ok, maybe that’s not really a big deal, but I like to think that some sort of magic occurs when the two ingredients are combined.

When you are ready to eat, put the two prepared slices of bread together to make a sandwich, and slice down the middle (or on the diagonal, if that’s your style). Enjoy!

23 Responses to Fighting Hunger… One P-B-J-and-M at a time!

  1. Indeed it is an interesting sandwich, but in our family we used mayo instead of mustard :) I always laugh because I read a book series where the main character always eats peanut butter and olive sandwiches…to each his own I guess :)

  2. Very interesting! I’ll have to give that one a try, because I’m always up for a culinary adventure. Thanks for the contest info; I love entering contests, and this one is for a wonderful cause so that’s even better :)

  3. I’m not gonna lie…that sounds nasty. But I said the same thing about mixing tuna and egg salad in one sandwich, and has since become my favorite sandwich to eat! I might just have to try this!

  4. Its weird, but I must try it. The moment I get home today i’m going to make one. If i like it I’ll trick my family into trying it too :D

  5. The idea of mustard on a PB&J is kind of “weird”, but the fruit and mustard combination, as in an Italian mostardo condiment, is more common in other cultures, so I can see this working, looking forward to trying it.

  6. I can see where this would be infamous, but sometimes the strangest things are good! I used to make cheese and peanut butter sandwiches when I was little and my parents weren’t looking. My Mom was very health oriented, so maybe I craved the fat!

  7. This is almost as scary as the mayo sandwich that my mom had me eating as a child…if I was lucky, she added potato chips! Some of these combos can be tasty..they just sound rather bizarre!

  8. I didn’t have any of these exact ingredients, so i used

    Almond butter, Mustard and Honey. The outcome was delish!

  9. Hmmm, an interesting combination for sure. I’m not sure I’d like it since I’m not a big fan of mustard in general, but maybe I’ll give it a shot and be surprised!

  10. I totally have to try this! I bet the vinegary mustard with the nutty PB and sweet jelly is really good! I’m the kind of girl who likes to dip her French fries in her milkshake…I love mixing sweet and savory.

  11. I had this for dinner. Surprisingly yummy! I love mustard, I love peanut butter and I love jam, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

    Thank you!

  12. That sounds pretty odd, but then again, in my family we have some pretty strange eating habits of our own…for instance eating sandwiches with cheese and jelly and cheese and Nutella. Or how about a Nutella grilled cheese sandwich? Peanut butter and jelly is my favorite, so I’ll be sure to give this a try!

  13. I. Love. This. Sandwich.

    I was introduced to this unlikely creation when I was working on a trail crew last summer. I thought it was absolutely repulsive, but in the spirit of camaraderie I gave a shot. Because our PBJs were packed, they became ‘sedimentary’ (that is: squashed). So, instead of adding the mustard inside, we simply made a lovely zig-zag patter on the top slice and dug in.

    It certainly helped to make the sandwiches less dry and made life on the side of the mountain just a little bit sweeter than it already was.

    I brought the unusual tradition home, and although only one brother really hopped on to the PBMJ bandwagon, I will continue my crusade to bring this recipe to the far corners of the globe.