Frozen Verbena Mojitos

I’m not usually a big fan of cocktails… In fact, I rarely order them anymore because I often take one sip and end up leaving the rest because I don’t really like the flavor.  It’s not that I haven’t tried!  The one cocktail that I absolutely love, though, is the mojito.  While it’s a fairly recent discovery for me, I haven’t met a mojito that I don’t like.

Last Wednesday, I was outside in the yard playing with the dog, and I noticed that I still had some fresh mint and lemon verbena in my garden.  Knowing that the weather was supposed to turn cold (quite cold, actually) over the weekend, I picked a big bunch of each, determined to use them before it was too late.

Then it hit me, the claim to fame of the Ninja Master Prep (and the thing that impressed me the most at the demo in NYC), was that it is perfect for frozen drinks because it can turn ice into snow in just a few pulses (with no added liquid). Since I am still in the process of thoroughly testing out my Ninja before writing a formal review, I decided it was only appropriate that I give some frozen mojitos a try!  Fortunately for me, I had bought a bottle of rum just a few days earlier with the intention of making my own mojitos, since I’ve been on such a mojito kick lately.

For my frozen mojitos, I made a verbena-infused simple syrup to sweeten the drink.  I also added some fresh lemon verbena leaves and mint leaves to the drinks.  Since it is getting late in the year for fresh herbs, it may be a bit difficult to find the lemon verbena.  Most stores and markets will have fresh mint, though, so you could make a mint-infused syrup and add some extra mint to the drinks in the place of the verbena.  If you are using verbena (perhaps what’s left of the verbena in your garden before the first frost), I think it’s best to use the large leaves to infuse the syrup and use the smaller, tender leaves in the drink.

Frozen Verbena Mojitos

  • 10 large lemon verbena leaves
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 4 cups ice
  • 2 limes
  • 1/2 cup (or maybe a bit more) lemon flavored rum (I used Bacardi Limón)
  • 15 – 20 fresh mint leaves
  • 10-15 small lemon verbena leaves

To make the simple syrup, combine the sugar and water in a small saucepan over low heat.  Tear the 10 large verbena leaves into pieces and add them to the sugar water.  Continue to heat over low heat for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally until the sugar has dissolved. Remove the syrup from the heat and allow to cool.  Once the syrup has cooled, remove and discard the verbena leaves.

In the large bowl of the Ninja Master Prep, add the four cups of ice.  Pulse the ice mixture a few times until the ice is chopped finely (almost like snow – yes, it actually works with no liquid!).  Add the verbena-infused syrup and squeeze the juice from both limes into the bowl. Add the rum and the remaining verbena and mint leaves. Blend again, pulsing the mixture until smooth.

Serve immediately garnished with additional verbena or lime slices.

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10 Responses to Frozen Verbena Mojitos

  1. I’m looking forward to your full review on the Ninja. I don’t need another food processor, but I’d love one of these strictly for making frozen drinks like your mojito (which looks delicious, by the way!)

  2. Now, where was this recipe last summer when I had ALL THAT lemon verbena syrup??!! (we put ours in iced coffee … and maybe some sort of martini…)

    Looks absolutely lovely — and I bet these tasted even better. Great call on the verbena.

  3. i finally gave in and purchased the ninja master last night,i had to know right away if it was jumk or really good…the first thing i made was salsa mix.i put in tomatoes whole(4 med. size) 4 sticks celary,3/4 of an onion,and added some salsa seasoning…..did not cut up stuff,just shoved it in the container thingy,pressed it/5 times im guessing,and i took my first sample of it…honestly no joke,very very nice restruant style salsa in no time..i can see this ninja is pretty cool,and i do say i was skeptical…we see so many gadgets on tv being full of it,and when you open the box and use em you know right awat they are junk..but i really do like the design and how the ninja works,the only lil thing i was a lil dissapointed in was how small the recipe book was,not a lot of smoothie recipes in it,or food dishes…but ill be creative on my own….,overall i really like the ninja…cou,d be a little cheaper,but i’ll keep mine…