Friday Favorites – Episode 26

I’m getting a late start on my Friday Favorites this week!  Usually I try to pick my favorites and write my blog post on Thursday evening.  I’m not a last-minute person! I was always the obnoxious kid in school who started researching a term paper the day it was assigned and had it written with a week to spare.

Last evening, I was busy writing my photography post and I never got around to writing my Friday Favorites.  I intended to write my post this afternoon, but I ended up spending the whole afternoon shopping.  That would be OK, except that it was one of those shopping trips where I couldn’t find anything I was looking for and just wandered aimlessly all afternoon.  What a waste of an afternoon!

So, now I’m writing on Friday evening, trying to make sure that my Friday Favorites don’t turn into Saturday Favorites!  Fortunately, there were lots of great blog posts to choose from this week.  Even though it’s getting late, I’m getting hungry just thinking about all of these dishes. I am adding all four of these recipes to my must-make list!

  • I think this Tuscan Vegetable Soup with Grilled Cheddar Chicken Sandwiches from Simply Scrumptious sounds like a perfect fall meal! I plan on giving this a try and using fresh herbs from my garden in the soup.  Just remember that if you substitute fresh herbs for dried herbs you need to up the quantity a bit!
  • When I read about these Juicy Turkey Burgers from Soup Belly, I was reminded that I haven’t made turkey burgers in quite a while.  I love turkey burgers, so I’m not sure why I haven’t made them.  I guess I just needed a reminder!  I plan on making these burgers sometime this week.  They sound simple and delicious!
  • This Bow Tie Pasta with Italian Sausage from The Food Addicts is another simple and easy dish that sounds perfect for cooler weather!  I would love to curl up with a bowl of this pasta on a cool fall evening.  I might lighten this dish up a bit by using Italian turkey sausage.
  • What would my Friday Favorites be without dessert?  If you’re a chocolate lover (or even if you’re not) you have to check out these Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownies from Taste As You Go.  I think I just might have to order some of the Scharffen Berger chocolate to make these.  I wonder if they ship overnight?

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