Friday Favorites… Just for Fun (Episode 12)

I wasn’t able to do nearly as much cooking as I would have liked this week (perhaps you figured that out when I was blogging about tater tots!)…  I’ve had a pretty busy work week, getting home later than usual without a whole lot of energy for trying out new recipes. I also had great intentions of making an eggplant dish on Wednesday, but discovered that my eggplant was rotten when I began to slice it.  I wouldn’t really say I had a bad week… just a busy one, with a little bit of frustration mixed in.

We all have bad weeks, though…  I’d like to meet someone who doesn’t.  When I am having a rough week, I’m always amazed by how something small can make or break my day.  So, for this week’s Friday Favorites, I chose a few blog posts that made me smile this week… just for fun!

  • You have probably noticed my recent fascination with baking Pop Tarts…  Perhaps you are even sick of hearing me talk about Pop Tarts.  I assure you that this will be my last mention of the breakfast pastries.  However, I thought the Pre-Made Our Way challenge was a lot of fun, so my first favorite this week is the May Pre-Made Our Way Roundup from Oven Love…  Check out all of the other delicious Pop Tarts created for the challenge!
  • These Light Bites featured on Baking Bites this week amuse me.  What a great idea to make candle holders that double as forks!  I think I just might need to invest in a pack the next time I bake a birthday cake!
  • If you know someone who is having a rough week, you should seriously consider making these Fortune Cookies from Savory Sweet Life.  They are absolutely adorable, and could be used for so many different occasions.  I am hoping to give them a try this weekend… if not over the weekend, definitely next week.
  • Finally, I have to mention the Top Ten Things To Expect When Dining With A Food Blogger from Under the High Chair.  I can relate to almost every item on the list.  This post made my day – I haven’t laughed that hard in quite a while. (Note – this is an older blog post, but I stumbled across it recently… since I make the rules, I am making an exception and including it in this week’s favorites)

2 Responses to Friday Favorites… Just for Fun (Episode 12)

  1. I love your Friday favorites because then I get to check out other blogs that I might have never seen. I laughed so hard at the top 10 things to expect when dining with a food blogger. Have a great weekend!!!